The Wellsom Oral Appliance Cleaner is designed to last. Once placed into the Wellsom Appliance Container, the cleaner may remain inside and used to clean oral appliances for up to seven consecutive days. Rinse your appliance with cold water before soaking. Soak the appliance in the cleaner twice daily for 15-30 minutes. Discard and replace the cleaner weekly. Be sure to fully submerge your oral appliance. As a guide, a 4 fl. oz. fill line is present in all Wellsom Appliance Containers.
The Wellsom Oral Appliance Cleaner is most effective when used within 4 months of the batch date listed on the bottle. Do not use as an oral rinse. Do not mix or dilute Wellsom with any other products or agents. Avoid using peroxide-based toothpastes while using any Wellsom products. Store Wellsom products out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry area (40°F - 80°F). Always consult a dentist or healthcare provider before starting a new oral care regimen. Discontinue use of all Wellsom products and consult a dentist should you experience any adverse reactions or have any health-related concerns.