Say Goodbye to Dry Mouth
and Bad Breath

The science-based line of Wellsom oral health and wellness products offer relief from dry mouth, bad breath, and the conditions caused by oral appliances.

Wellsom Work

Wellsom works

Getting a teenager to comply with any regimen is a struggle. However, with the Wellsom Oral Appliance Cleaner, my daughter stays on track and enjoys the clean and fresh feeling she gets every time she wears her retainer.

Joan - Parent

My chronic bad breath has always held me back. Social gatherings, business meetings. It was always making me extremely insecure around others. Wellsom Oral Rinse has gotten my halitosis under control and has given me my confidence back.

David - Attorney

I've been a diabetic for 50 years and nothing has helped with my dry mouth as well as Wellsom. No more getting up to drink water throughout the night. I sleep better now than I have in years.

Kevin - Professor